SunBrite announces Signature line of outdoor LCD TVs, let you get your real housewives fix rain or shine

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SunBrite announces Signature line of outdoor LCD TVs, let you get your real housewives fix rain or shine
While watching TV from the comfort of your living room has its appeal, sometimes its nice to veg out by the pool, too. It's been awhile since we've heard from SunBrite, but the company is rolling out its new line of outdoor LCD TVs this year at CES. The televisions are built to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at them thanks to a high-impact resin exterior and dual cooling fans robust enough for the TVs to handle temperatures as low as 10 below or as high as 122 degrees. Called the Signature line, there are 55-inch, 46-inch, and 32-inch models that do 1080p and come with the standard array of connections: HDMI, component A/V, S-Video, composite video, and VGA. And to ensure that cabling's not a weak link when the weather turns bad, SunBrite's included a proprietary watertight cable pass-through system. The 46-inch model is already available for $2,995, and while the other two have yet to be priced or released, we'll find out how much they cost when they start shipping in the Spring.
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SunBriteTV Announces Its New Signature Line of True Outdoor LCD TV Models At CES 2012

SunBrite's All-Weather Signature Line Delivers Full 1080p HD Entertainment at an Affordable Price

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, January 9, 2012 - Homeowners across North America have made substantial investments to create incredible outdoor living spaces. SunBriteTV has grown to lead the outdoor television category with a complete line of 55-, 46- and 32-inch outdoor LCD TV models, while winning the respect of A/V installers and many of the top sports stadiums. Today SunBrite is announcing the launch of its Signature Line, all-weather LCD TVs that are specifically engineered for outdoor use at a truly affordable price point.

"In 2012 we are offering an expanded range of all-weather TVs in direct response to the growing popularity of outdoor TV and to consumer demand for a greater variety of screen sizes," noted Tom Dixon, vice president of sales and marketing for SunBriteTV. "SunBrite TVs are the world's only true all-weather TVs designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use, and our Signature Line offers a unique combination of superior outdoor viewing quality, exceptional durability even in extreme weather conditions, and at unprecedented price points."

The Signature Line models include the 55-inch SB-5560HD, 46-inch SB-4660HD and 32-inch SB-3260HD.
The SunBriteTV Signature Line models deliver high brightness in the outdoor environment, with full-HD 1080p picture quality, and feature an anti-glare LCD panel for optimum viewing. All of the TVs are built using an ASA outdoor-rated, high-impact resin exterior that protects the internal components from moisture, rain, snow, dust, insects and temperatures from 10 below zero up to 122 degrees. Weatherproof materials are used in every component of the TVs, and all models incorporate a filtered, quiet multi-fan airflow system and SunBriteTV's exclusive watertight cable entry pass-through design that protects the cables and connectors.

All Signature Line TVs include a powerful built-in audio system that delivers better performance than the sound systems typically used in indoor TVs. All models are available in silver or black finish and are supplied with a weatherproof remote control. All Signature Line TVs are backed by a two-year warranty.

SunBriteTV Signature Line TVs are equipped with an array of audio and video inputs and outputs including multiple HDMI™ inputs, component A/V, S-Video and composite video inputs, an RF CATV/antenna connection, stereo audio inputs, a VGA computer input and additional inputs and outputs depending on the model.

Like all SunBriteTVs, every Signature Line model can be wall-, ceiling or pole-mounted. SunBriteTV offers a complete lineup of ceiling and articulating and tiltable wall mounts, as well as a deck/planter pole mount and a removable tabletop stand.
The SB-4660HD is currently available at a suggested retail price of $2,995. Suggested retail pricing for SunBrite TV Signature Line models SB-5560HD and SB-3260 are still to be determined and are planned to ship in Spring of 2012.
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