Victorinox's 1TB USB / eSATA II drive fingers-on

We're still trying to come to terms with just how fantastic it would be to keep a Victorinox 1TB drive on a keyring. Think about that potential for data storage -- and horrendous heart-wrenching sadness if you lost it -- at the flip of a wrist. While the drive will eventually ship in both red and black -- configured as only USB drives or more traditional Swiss Army knives -- we only got our mitts on the safer, less pointy versions. An interesting addition to these drives is a small LCD display on the side that might at some point show meaning information, but sadly ours only boasted the 1TB size. The Swiss Knife masters expect this device to start shipping in the September or October time frame for what they hope is under a cool $3,000. Yeah, 3k. Perhaps since the Swiss sleep with blankets made of spare money they've lost sight of how many terabytes of traditional storage can be had for that much cake. Regardless, these are magic, so enjoy the pics.

Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.