Comcast lights up AnyPlay for in-home live TV iPad streaming, Xoom support 'coming soon'


Comcast was "close" back in September, but it looks as if today's the day. The pay-TV provider is enabling Xfinity TV customers to peek their favorite dramas and drama queens on the iPad, with any channel in your subscription available for viewing. We're told that support for Motorola's Xoom is "coming soon," but as with other AnyPlay setups, you'll need to be in or around the home to take advantage. As of now, AnyPlay's only available gratis to Xfinity HD Triple Play customers in areas of Denver and Nashville, but more markets are planned for the coming months. The company also confirmed last night's news from the Microsoft CES 2012 keynote that it'll be bringing On Demand content to Xbox 360, as well as our leak that it'll be cruising over to Samsung's connected TVs. Ready to get going? Hop a flight to one of those two cities and dip into the source links below.