Contour teams up with Cerevo for live broadcasting POV cameras

Contour is planning to bring the thrills of POV camera footing to live-streaming fans everywhere. Undercutting the live setups of professional broadcasters. The setup involves connecting the mini-HDMI port on its Contour+ helmet-mounted camera and Cerevo's LiveShell which then directs the footage to USTREAM. Settings can be tinkered with through a web browser, so you can leave your PC behind when you go off-piste. We've also been told that you'll be able to manage settings through your smartphone. Paired together, expect to eke out at least three hours of 1080p footage. While the Contour+ is out now, a new bundle with the LiveShell will be up for grabs from Contour's online store starting January 21st, priced at $300.

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Hands-Free Leaders Contour and Cerevo USA Partner to bring Live Video Broadcasting to POV cameras

LAS VEGAS, NV, (Consumer Electronics Show) – TBD – Contour ( a market leader in easy-to-use hands-free video and sharing solutions, and Japanese-based Cerevo ( today unveiled the world's first, smallest, mobile and least expensive live-streaming video solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Cerevo "LiveShell". The unique battery-powered solution can be seen live at CES booth #35155 in South Hall 4 and is available for sale via the Contour website for $299 on January 21st

"Contour is excited to include LiveShell to our product suite in the U.S. right in time for peak snow season, " said Contour CEO, Marc Barros. "It's a perfect complement to our Contour+ camera model. We start with the best hands-free, POV camera with built in GPS, mobile connectivity and now a mobile live-streaming option. Partnering with Cerevo and Ustream adds live, hands-free, share-while-you're-there capacity that makes the capabilities of the Contour+ the greatest on the market."

A simple HDMI cable connects Contour's Contour+ camera to Cerevo's LiveShell to bring real-time video broadcasting straight from the camera to Ustream. Collaboration among these three innovative companies delivers high-quality, live-broadcast video for the first time in the hands-free video market, letting adventurers share point-of-view (POV) footage as it's captured. In addition to automatic sharing via Ustream, people can manually configure the Contour+/LiveShell combo to broadcast live on other Internet video platforms.

"Live video streaming is key for many businesses and for individual entertainment, but without LiveShell and Contour+, people are stuck with poor quality video or else purchasing prohibitively expensive gear," said Cerevo CEO, Takuma Iwasa. "Computers can be unstable and difficult, while phones limit video quality and also capture unwanted vibration and wind noise. Contour is the optimal partner for us, delivering high-quality, high-definition video that friends and family will be thrilled to watch as it's created."

Contour+'s award-winning, hands-free HD video lets people shoot quality video from anywhere and everywhere, and with LiveShell and Ustream, they can live-broadcast as they capture. Simply plug an HDMI cable from the Contour+ into LiveShell to instantly and wirelessly share high-quality content via Ustream.TV. For additional functionality, a Web-based Dashboard remotely controls and alters settings.

Additional features allow people to:

• Get Exclusive Tech: World's first certified "Ustream Compatible" internet-broadcasting device (released November, 2011 in Japan)

• Configure with Convenience: No PC or Mac needed; change settings via remote control access on a Web-based Dashboard – by computer and/or smartphone

• Deliver the Action Instantly: An HDMI interface makes recording and broadcasting a snap!

• Capture Clear Video: Fuzzy video streaming is gone! Contour+ delivers HD video in 1080p at 25/30fps or 720p at 25/30 and50/60fps and attaches to a variety of mounts. The maximum resolution with Cervo LiveShell is approximately 480p.

• Film and Broadcast for Hours: LiveShell and the Contour+ both have greater than 3-hour battery life

Contour+ and Cerevo LiveShell are available January 21st for purchase from Contour's online store.

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Cerevo is a 'REVOlutional' networked Consume Electronics' company based on Tokyo Japan and founded in April 2007. Our past product 'CEREVO CAM live!' was the first digital camera with built-in Ustream.TV live streaming. Not only a hardware company, Cerevo products have internet connection functions and receive many values and functions from our web services. For more information about Cerevo please visit