EmporiaSOLIDplus at CES 2012 hands-on (video)

Brad Molen
B. Molen|01.10.12

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EmporiaSOLIDplus at CES 2012 hands-on (video)
Emporia Telecom is looking to come to the Americas this Spring, and it's bringing a rugged beauty with it -- as long as you're not dead set on getting yourself one of them fancy smartphones. If so, keep on lookin', as Emporia's focusing on winning the hearts of basic / budget phone users all over. One of its first phones the company's bringing overseas with it is the EmporiaSOLIDplus, an IP67-certified candybar that can handle most things you throw at it -- heck, it could probably handle it when you're throwing the phone itself, though we certainly don't recommend you give it a test run anytime soon. The basic device is capable of calling, sending messages and that's ultimately about it. The phone will come as an unlocked GSM phone and is going to be available this Spring for an undetermined price. Pictures and video? Yeah, we have 'em below.

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