Intel's first Medfield smartphone is Lenovo's K800, coming first to China Unicom in Q2 with Android 4.0

Intel's been promising a smartphone of its own for about as long as men have been walking the ground of Earth, but it looks as if its May 2011 claims of "early next year" are finally getting close to being "accurate." Here at the company's CES 2012 keynote, the Medfield-based Lenovo K800 was revealed as the first Intel-powered smartphone (boasting Android 4.0, no less), with Lenovo's home turf being pegged as getting first dibs. There's a 4.5-inch 720p display and rear camera with dual-LED flash but outside of a tip that it'll be shipping to China Unicom in Q2 of this year, everything else surrounding it remains a mystery.

First off, it's downright amazing to hear Intel finally give us a date to mark down, but it remains to be seen how many phone manufacturers will drop their existing adoration for Qualcomm and NVIDIA in order to given Intel's (historically power-sucking) mobile chips a go.

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