Mad Catz unveils a suite of Street Fighter X Tekken sticks

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Mad Catz unveils a suite of Street Fighter X Tekken sticks
Mad Catz's Street Fighter X Tekken FightSticks have changed since we last saw them. Not only has the company abandoned the red-and-white colorway, there are now more sticks in the line.

The now-black FightStick Pro is the next evolution of the Tournament Edition stick, with Sanwa parts and internal cable storage. The Arcade FightStick VS. Edition seems to be similar in design, but two of them can be connected with an optional attachment to create a continuous arcade machine-style panel. And the new FightPad SD is 15% smaller than previous FightPads, "inspired by the gaming preferences of legendary Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono."

No prices were given for any of these new accessories, but Mad Catz did offer the expected release window: concurrent with the game's March 6 debut.%Gallery-143998%
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