RIFT asks its community to test raids

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|01.11.12

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RIFT asks its community to test raids
You will probably not be fighting this guy.  Things are looking up already!
Do you like RIFT? Do you like raiding? Do you like to test raids in RIFT? Well, then, your ship may very well have come in. The team at Trion Worlds is looking to get some solid raid testing going, giving players a chance to see the next tier of raiding before it goes live. So the call is going out to guilds that have demolished the current endgame, and the best of the best will be pitted against the newest challenges on the horizon.

To be eligible, guilds must have at least 20 members able to participate in two hours of raiding two nights per week; they must also currently be at 11/11 in Hammerknell. Candidates are also expected to have mature members capable of responsible feedback, since they are going to be testing new and possibly buggy combat. If you think your guild qualifies, have your guild leader (which may be you) respond to the call. And be prepared to blow through everything in minutes once it goes live -- that's always the risk.
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