Motorola DEFY MINI hands-on (video)

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Motorola DEFY MINI hands-on (video)
The Motorola DEFY MINI is perhaps Moto's attempt to revisit the success they saw in China with the DEFY. Sure, this handset is inexpensive but it seems to have a lot going for it in the spec department. Water resistant, dustproof, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, a 3 megapixel shooter in the back and a VGA cam in the front -- in this dept the MINI outdoes the original DEFY -- and a 1650mAh battery that should make it functional for a full day. Sure the display is only a 3.2-inch, but that form factor still serves a huge percentage of the population, and this example was pretty good as far as our tired eyes could tell. Follow the read link to see a short video tour and a few pics.

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