Cerevo Live Shell with Contour+ hands-on (video)

Contour and Cerevo are teaming up this week at CES to release the Cerevo Live Shell accessory for HD camcorders enabling high-quality automatic upload and streaming to UStream from any HD video source -- in this case, the Contour+. The Live Shell is simplistic in design, featuring a small LCD screen with icons for useful indicators, an HDMI input, line-in port, microphone input, composite video input as well as a choice of Ethernet port or built-in WiFi for connectivity. It can run off three AA batteries, giving up to three hours of usage or can be used with the accompanied AC adapter for all-day use. The Cerevo Live Shell also comes with its own dedicated web-based control screen called the "Dashboard," which allows you to customize the settings on the device (volume, video quality, etc.) via personal computer or smartphone.

The overall package is portable enough to tag along with the Contour+ and other HD action cams, however, we can't really see much use considering that WiFi (and certainly Ethernet connectivity) can be pretty scarce while carving some narly pow on a mountain or biking through some trails. The duo is well presented here at CES, putting the Live Shell in its natural environment -- indoors, in front of a computer monitor, with the comfort of crashing WiFi waves instead of real ones. However, there's no doubt that the Live Shell finds a niche in the hearts of all the adventurous and outdoorsy people, wanting to share each jump, grind and stunt with others. For $299, we think we'll hold out for a version with mobile 3G / 4G capabilities built-in though, but it's a step in the right direction to show off some helmet-cam moves. Check out the gallery below to see the getup all put together.