Here's the Ninja Gaiden 3 collector's edition (with bonus screenshots)

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|01.12.12

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Here's the Ninja Gaiden 3 collector's edition (with bonus screenshots)
There probably isn't a person alive who hasn't, at some point in their life, enjoyed the sight of a ninja flipping out and killing a bunch of dudes. It's universal, like how everyone enjoys warm blankets or shooting firearms. There's a special kind of person, however, that also has an affinity for extreme, debilitating punishment, which is why Ninja Gaiden 3 exists.

NG3's collector's edition, which we first caught wind of last December, includes the game, an art book, a soundtrack, a figure set of Ryu Hayabusa and an eventual murder victim, as well as a download voucher for a four-character demo of Dead of Alive 5. Non-collector's edition pre-orders placed at Gamestop and Amazon will include a code for a two-character demo of DOA5, with Gamestop's demo including Hayabusa and Hitomi, and Amazon's featuring Ayane and Hayate (the four-character version includes both Amazon and GameStop's characters).

The collector's edition will be available exclusively at Gamestop, indicating that Tecmo Koei truly understands the unique relationship it has with its players.%Gallery-144412%
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Developer Team NINJA Studio today releases all new screens, a multiplayer video vignette, images of the Collector's Edition and preorder from the upcoming action title, NINJA GAIDEN 3. In NINJA GAIDEN 3 Hayabusa has returned to face an unknown terrorist group wreaking havoc on the city and a mysterious masked man. Though this masked man, The Regent of the Mask, has pushed Hayabusa to his limits, he must press forward to eliminate this growing threat.

Plagued by his past, our dark hero continues to be chased by the Black Spider Ninja Clan into the upcoming installment. The fearless Black Spider Ninja Clan returns to take down the Hayabusa clan. Though the katana is their weapon of choice, many of the ninjas prefer to use Talons an essential part of the Ninja's weapon arsenal. This unique weapon is customized by gauntlets with large steel claws worn on the hands and feet. The most recognizable attack from the clan is their use of Incendiary Shuriken. With these, the Black Spider Clan members grab Hayabusa and self-destruct. Resembling kunai knives, these are powered with black powder bombs and fuse and are designed to explode after being impaled into the target's body.

Team NINJA has also created a video vignette from the competitive multiplayer mode. Multiplayer offers up to eight players in various modes such as Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch along with a wide variety of ninja weapons and assaults. Each player will be able to customize their ninja assassin and develop their skills to unlock new features.

In addition to these assets, Team NINJA has also revealed images of a value-packed NINJA GAIDEN 3 Collector's Edition available for both console platforms. Those who preorder NINJA GAIDEN 3 at GameStop and Amazon will receive a special downloadable two-character demo stage from Team NINJA's upcoming DEAD OR ALIVE 5 fighting game. Players who place a preorder at GameStop will get access to a downloadable DEAD OR ALIVE 5 demo stage featuring a duel between NINJA GAIDEN's Hayabusa and DOA's Hitomi. At Amazon, preorder customers will be provided a duel between the DOA characters Ayane and Hayate. Alternatively, the premium NINJA GAIDEN 3 Collector's Edition offers players a chance to play all four characters in the DEAD OR ALIVE 5 demo stage, an exclusive NINJA GAIDEN 3 "Unmask" game art book, soundtrack CD, and an exclusive "Duel of the Masked" figure set.

NINJA GAIDEN 3 will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 20th, 2012.
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