Kogeto unveils Dot panoramic video capture prototypes for Android, GoPro (video)

Earlier this week, Kogeto announced plans to bring its Dot panoramic video recording accessory to Android handsets. Having already launched an iPhone version of the device back in May, Kogeto has a prototype of its Android counterpart on display here at CES, along with a second prototype, for the GoPro HD Hero 2. The idea behind the device is pretty simple: just download Kogeto's app, attach the holster to your smartphone, and begin recording. The accessory will then automatically capture 360-degree panoramic video, which can then be uploaded to the web, via the company's dedicated web platform. While you're there, you can also use Kogeto's online editing tool to cut and splice your video, jumping from angle to angle with the company's intuitive user interface. The quality of the video we captured during our hands-on with an iPhone 4 version wasn't exactly top-notch, but we're told that there are notable improvements for 4S users. All told, it's definitely a cool little attachment, and one that seems rife with creative potential. The iPhone 4 version, as we mentioned earlier this year, retails for $79. The Android rendition, meanwhile, is slated to hit the market this fall, likely for a similar price. No word yet on when we can expect to see the Dot arrive for GoPro, but be sure to check out our full gallery and video, after the break.

Mat Smith contributed to this report.