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LG Google TV and Magic Remote Qwerty hands-on

LG Google TV and Magic Remote Qwerty hands-on
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler|@Rjcc|January 12, 2012 12:32 AM
While Samsung waits to debut its take on the Google TV platform, LG is already showing off its hardware, including a new remote control. For LG's part, it has decided to blend the QWERTY needs of a Google TV controller with its existing Magic Motion remote gesture control and scroll wheel technology. The result is a decently well balanced dual-sided remote with relatively simple controls. Because of the shape and added weight, we actually preferred this remote to the lighter original Magic Motion remote for pointing in our brief hands-on time. The scroll wheel was also a great help, and made it an improvement over the v1 Google TV remotes in pretty much every way possible. We'll need more time with the clicker to know for sure, but the Magic Remote Qwerty is probably our favorite out of the three options presented at CES (Sony, Vizio). We won't lean either way on LG's skinning of the Google TV experience just yet, although if you're a fan of the company's existing connected TV menus (we weren't so much in our review) then you'll be glad to know these are very similar. Check the gallery below for a couple more pics of the remote and the TV itself.

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