Warpia ConnectHD hands-on

Warpia is showing off its latest wireless streamer on the CES showfloor with the ConnectHD, mating your HDTV with your computer for all of your wireless video needs. We had a chance to see for ourselves how Skyping from your couch feels. The ConnectHD features a 720p wide-angle wireless HD camera for video calls made directly with your HDTV, via apps like the aforementioned Skype. However, the main sell from Warpia is the wireless streaming of content from your computer to your HDTV through mirroring your computer desktop or by extending your desktop onto your HDTV. The Warpia ConnectHD through the use of the camera allows you to play PC Webcam games, because those are incredibly popular.

Though not a new concept, the ConnectHD allows this to happen in 1080p full HD without the need for annoying cables and wires. The included wireless USB PC and TV adapters make things pretty easy -- sort of a plug and play on both ends (though computer drivers are needed). The streaming itself is pretty clear cut HD quality, and the noticeable lag has been kept to a minimum. We're not sure you'd want to play intense PC games with this setup; however, for the average internet-surfer, Flickr-sharer, YouTuber and / or Facebook-stalker -- all of whom love to project their content onto their HDTVs -- this will do just fine. Check out the gallery below for a quick look.