WiFi certification fuels speculation of Samsung Galaxy Note successor (updated)

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|01.12.12

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The Samsung Galaxy Note is just now working its way to the States, but a recent certification by the WiFi Alliance is already stoking the flames of its replacement. Known only as the GT-N8000, it's thought this device may be the eventual replacement for the GT-N7000. Of course, this isn't the only plausible explanation, as the new model number may hint at yet another new family of devices. There's credence to this flow of logic, too, as the Galaxy S II (i9100) was the spiritual decedent of the original Galaxy S (i9000). Whether your preferred method of divination involves tea leaves, crystal balls or Cleverbot, one thing is certain about this new Sammy -- it's gonna be 1,000 more, y'all.

Update: Apologies for the crossed wires, as we reported last night, the Samsung GT-N8013 also recently hit the FCC, and is presumably a variation of the GT-N8000.
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