Hulu CEO recaps the year 2011: 1.5 million on Hulu Plus, no new owner

2011 has come to an end and somewhat surprisingly, Hulu has not changed owners. Following what has become a quarterly habit, CEO Jason Kilar has taken up his blogging pen to recount the company's successes. Hulu Plus has grown to include 1.5 million paying subscribers, which he expects will make up more than half of Hulu's business later this year, while adding 105 percent more content. Expect that trend to continue, with plans to invest $500 million or so in content next year. Of course, this may not do much for those dissatisfied with its ad-supported business model and windowing of content, but right now the focus seems to be on pleasing content owners, who he claims can profit more per subscriber with Hulu than any other service. Check the post for more details and feel free to speculate in the comments what 2012 may hold for the video streaming site -- our money is still on a surprise buyout by Lycos.