Matias One: hammer out an iPhone masterpiece on the best keyboard of the '90s

Between touch-screens and rubber-backed keyboards, we're getting further away from the tactile, mechanical keyboards we grew up with -- except for gamers, who have embraced mechanical keyboards for the improved response times and, of course, the great noise they make. Canadian peripherals maker Matias is adding to its line of Apple Extended Keyboard-inspired typing-decks with the Tactile One: with Bluetooth iPhone control. Imagine how fast (and how noisily) you'd be able to hammer out a text message on one of these things, because it's all we can do right now. A Mac / PC edition will be available in April for $200 and you can pre-order it from the store right now. There's PR after the break, if you really need some clicky-clacky convincing.

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Matias releases 3 new keyboards for your iPhone AND your PC / Mac

LAS VEGAS, January 12, 2012 - Wouldn't it be great if that computer keyboard sitting on your desk ALSO worked with your iPhone? Replying to a text message would be lightning fast.

This is exactly the idea behind 3 new keyboards Matias released at CES this week, in the iLounge Area (Booth #3932).

"With the press of a button, the keyboard connects to your iPhone. You can type a quick text or Twitter message, and then press again to instantly switch back to your Mac or PC. You just need to experience this once, to feel how much faster it is," said Edgar Matias, CEO of Matias.

PC and Mac specific versions of each keyboard are available...

The One Keyboard comes equipped with a USB 2.0 hub, and an in-keyboard stand that's perfectly positioned for holding and controlling your iPhone.

The Slim One Keyboard is a slimmer, laptop-style keyboard, for people who prefer to save space on their desk. The package includes Matias' stylish MiniRizer stand for your iPhone.

Finally, the Tactile One Keyboard brings the incredible feel of Alps mechanical keyswitches to your iPhone. Based on the company's award-winning Tactile Pro Keyboard for Mac, the Tactile One Keyboard includes an in-keyboard stand and a 3-port USB 2.0 hub.

"We wanted to make sure we had all bases covered. Different people have different tastes and different needs. With these 3 keyboards, there's a great option for virtually every type of user," said Matias.


The $99.95 (US) One Keyboard, and the $79.95 Slim One Keyboard, are available now from and will be available soon from Matias Authorized Resellers.

The $199.95 Tactile One Keyboard is available for pre-order now at