Wings Over Atreia: Boss world tour -- Eltnen

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|01.16.12

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Wings Over Atreia: Boss world tour -- Eltnen
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They're big! They're bad! They're da boss(es)! And they've got your loot!

That's right: Lurking about all corners of Aion, powerful monsters beckon (lure?) Daevas with promises of tantalizing loot and illustrious glory. Who doesn't like the rush of downing a powerful foe or nabbing a coveted item?

Previous tours of Heiron and Inggison scouted out said monsters and offered some tips as to who was worth fighting and who should be avoided when hunting alone. Those lands focused on higher-level players. However, with double XP weekends throughout January, there will undoubtedly be an influx of players in the lower levels. What better time to take stock of the bosses available to this crowd?

This week, Wings Over Atreia takes a tour of Eltnen to expose the available bosses to treasure-hungry Daevas. Be warned, though: The opportunity to take on these behemoths may be short-lived during a time of double XP, especially when combined with mentoring. So before you move on to bigger, brighter lands, take a moment to stop and smell the roses -- or kill the bosses, as it were.

Aion screenshot
Named mobs galore!

And I do mean galore! To be honest, I never remembered that many named mobs from when I was running around Eltnen. When I first began this trek to gather intel, my mind conjured up images of some very memorable encounters, like running smack dab into Andre in the desert for the first time or the (very painful) attempt on Saendukal. I also knew of some bosses in both Kaiden Mine and Kaiden Headquarters (KHQ), but I rarely saw any. What I didn't realize -- and was not prepared for -- was the sheer number of named mobs that actually inhabit this lower-level land! Aion's own game guide lists 44 different named mobs of varying difficulty. However, of those 44, not all are hunt-worthy. Although there are many normal-grade named mobs that drop loot, this tour is going to focus on only the elite-grade and higher bosses.

Aions screenshotElitists

The most prolifically populated group of named mobs in Eltnen is elite-grade. Although three of the mobs spawn in open areas of the zone, most are cloistered within the specific elite areas of Kaiden Mine, KHQ, and Erucas Temple (ET). Because these are considered elite mobs, some players may not consider these to be actual bosses. But do not be fooled into thinking these guys are pushovers! For the most part, if you are attacking them, you want to have a group of friends with you. They may not have impressive loot, but they certainly can test your skill.

Open range:

The little griffo Beleffon (level 30) is one of the easiest named mobs, conning as a three-dot. However, its only loot of note is a not-so-impressive level 30 orb. Supervisor Kargas (29) also offers only one loot drop. His, however, is more sought after, especially by Clerics; it's a pair of chain pants with concentration. A larger possibility of items is available from Lichna the Cruel (35), who is found inside Kyola Temple in the same room as Fire Temple entrance; she drops a spear, mace, or dagger, all with added crit strike and accuracy.

Kaiden Mine:

The first likely area where a young Daeva would bump into elite-grade bosses is Kaiden Mine. While all of these mobs are only level 30, don't think you can slack when hunting them -- they still hit a well-geared level 55 pretty dang hard! Greatmage Teotem, Greathealer Quvak, Kantu, and Summoner Klacha make up the Four Leaders. Daevas can obtain a quest just outside the mine to picking one of these bosses (choose corresponding to archetype) to kill and receive a special reward. The other resident boss is Kamtak the Destroyer (30). His defeat might offer the victor a nice plate breastplate or a necklace with decent crit strike.

Eracus Temple:

The next stop on the leveling-Daeva's path will be ET. Here, there is supposedly a boss for each platform, but I'll be honest: In all my time in Aion I have never seen one! Gurkel the Ancient (32) can be found with the gargoyles, Mistryl (30) mingles on the upper platform in the center with a variety of mobs, Nightstalker (31) roosts with the bats, Dekita (31) hovers with the other skyrays, Selcuris Dreamweaver (33) lounges with the temptresses, and Thundermane (33) sits proudly with the windspirits. I have been heading back and peeking just to see these guys, so if you run into one, congratulations!

On the floor of ET, you can find one of the most unique bosses: Kratia (33). Although she is only a two-dot boss, her death will spawn a harder five-dot boss named Harpback.

Aion screenshot

What trip through Eltnen is complete without a foray into Kaiden Headquarters? Not only does this area provide the means to obtain the quest-reward speed boots, but it is home to a few elite- and hero-grade bosses. The elites are:
  • Chieftain Mamaku (39)
  • Spiritmaster Czubarto (40)
  • Millennium Laupede (40)
  • Crack Pathrunner (37 or 38)
  • Elder Pathrunner (39 or 40)
Spiritmaster Czubarto walks a short path along the road. If you have trouble finding the Millennium Laupede, head below the gate that leads to Sartemon and look for a cave. He is pretty easy to solo. Of all these mobs, only the Crack Pathfinder has a chance of dropping a gold item, Judgment Gauntlets for plate-wearers.

Lepharist Citadel:

The final zone for Eltnen boss-hunters is most commonly referred to as Leph Citadel. In each case, the bosses are found standing in front of the peaked-roof stone buildings. These bosses, all level 40, offer assorted green armor and weaponry: Highpriest Rhipel, Commander Xenon, Spiritmaster Shapiel, Highmage Wyron, and Lekion. One named that you might also run across is Pale Narcis; you can ignore him as he is simply a quest mob for the group quest A message in Blood.

Aion screenshotMy hero!

Elite mobs are all well and good, offering adventures the chance to test their mettle and maybe even get some passable loot. However, it is the hero-grade goodies that really start to make Daevas' mouths water!

The first hero was actually a surprise; I thought for certain that this boss would be a higher legendary-grade! But no, although his presence when sprinting across the sands of the desert is enough to stop you in your tracks (or instantly die if you don't), Andre is just a hero. A level 40 hero. That cons six-dots! Yes, you read that right. Andre is a rarity -- not even Sematariux (who was sadly removed from game) or Padmarashka, the boss of all bosses, cons six-dots! When you fight Andre, be sure to take a couple of groups of friends as he means business when he fights.

Supervisor Penteros hangs out in Leph Citadel. Unlike some of his elite-grade compatriots, Penteros is much sought after. Although his loot is not gold, it is still quite coveted: He drops a spell book with casting speed. Penteros is most easily soloed by a Spiritmaster who can use the pet to pull the boss all the way out to an open area. However, Sorcerers can also solo him, often utilizing a terrain feature (a pile of boards of sorts) out at the open area to run the boss back and forth, glitching him to keep out of range of his melee strikes.

KHQ comes out the winner for the most hero-grade bosses. Each of these three bosses drops a piece of the Anointed fabled (gold) set of armor: Chieftain Kurka (40) has the gloves; Chieftain Shaku (39) has the shoulders; and Summoned Sartemon the Insane (40) has the shoes, which include a speed boost. I actually never saw Sartemon until prepping for this guide as you have to veer off the road and up a path that is not readily visible. The remaining pieces can be obtained from yet another mob in KHQ, Grand Chieftain Saendukal.

Saving the best for last

Even among bosses, there are bosses. And these bosses of the bosses are legendary-grade. Eltnen offers two such behemoths, both located in Kaiden Headquarters (get the idea that boss-hunters may want to just park themselves in KHQ?).

The first boss is actually very near the entrance of KHQ. However, that doesn't mean he is a pushover. Although a very well-geared single group can dispatch Raging Kraterr (40), it is best to take two groups into the fight. And be sure to have scrolls available or your recall refreshed because once you're down in his pit, there is no other way out. Raging Kraterr is killed mostly for his heart (an orb). He also drops a gold helm.

The final boss in Eltnen is the epitome of world bosses to me. Grand Chieftain Saendukal may only be level 40, but no other boss has ever laid the smack down that this one has. Fighting this boss remains the only time in all of my Aion gaming that I have lost over one-half of a level of XP during a single fight (or instance, or anything!). Sadly, that alliance never succeeded, but had we, the rewards could have included the pants or chest piece of the Anointed set or a very spiffy gold greatsword with attack speed called Saendukal's Anger. Just make sure that when you attack, your tank has his back to the rocks. If truth be told, I really want another shot at this guy...

Aion screenshot (map)
There you have it, from the are-you-sure-there-is-a-boss-here bosses to the pain-in-the-wings bosses to the OMG-I-just-was-minding-my-own-business-then-SQUASH bosses. While not all of these bosses have the most coveted loot, Daevas can still test themselves on these big baddies. Honestly, I am itching to go back and give some of these old foes a try again. Or in the case of Eracus Temple, just actually find them! Do you have any fun stories about encounters with a world boss in Eltnen? Please share in the comments below!

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