Pink Samsung Galaxy S II makes UK bow on cupid's bow, is the new Godiva

Pretty in pink, isn't it?! Sammy's already slapped a bit of rouge on the casing of its über-popular Galaxy S II for denizens of South Korea, making that special edition available for coloristas last November. But in an effort to share the "love," synchronize with a certain money-milking, greeting card holiday and maximize profits, the company's releasing this precious-hued wünderphone to our cousins across the pond on Phones4u and Very. Arriving just in time for you Brits to tell that special someone in your life, "I spent a few hundred pounds on this silly phone and I'm made of money, so let's seal this deal," the GS II packs the same boatload of specs that made it the undisputed smartphone king of 2011. So, come Valentine's Day, you can either give the gift of roses and chocolates or a blush-colored mobile. Or, you can stay at home, drink a bottle of red, watch Love, Actually on repeat, buy one for yourself and pretend you didn't. Go ahead, we won't tell.