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The Daily Grind: How political should game companies be?

Shawn Schuster
Shawn Schuster|January 19, 2012 8:00 AM
Stop SOPA. And Seagulls. Wait, no.
So, who here has heard about this SOPA thing? PIPA? Anyone? I would venture a guess that most of you out there have not only heard about it, but you're violently opposed to it, as are Massively, Joystiq, and our parent company AOL. To think we're not is silly because the internet is our livelihood. But politics and videos games don't usually mix, so this is new ground for us.

When you read about game companies boycotting SOPA/PIPA, the reaction is mixed among players. Some respect the fact that these companies are rising up against this piece of legislation while others think these studios should just concentrate on making (or fixing) their games. But the entertainment industry is far from a stranger to politics. From Neil Young to Dave Mustaine to Kanye West, politics are a staple of music, and movies usually do their part in portraying every opinion on major political issues. So why should games and game companies be any different?

Let us know what you think of the mix of politics and gaming in the comments below!

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