This Week in MMO: Hey guys have you heard about Ilum? edition

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This Week in MMO: Hey guys have you heard about Ilum? edition
This Week in MMO
Another week is drawing to a close, and that means it's time for yet another This Week in MMO. On this edition of the show, host Gary Gannon, along with guests Mike B and Mike Schaffnit, takes a more-than-adequate amount of time reminding players of the blistering failure that is Star Wars: The Old Republic's Ilum and ponders whether or not any corrective measures will be too little, too late.

Meanwhile, En Masse Entertainment is gearing up for the impending beta test and subsequent release of its newly westernized action-focused MMO, TERA. Is the beta test going to be enough to eradicate the vaporware mindset many of the game's fans have gotten into, or will it take more than that to convince players that the game is going to see the light of day sometime in the next couple of millennia? We'll just have to wait and find out. For all this and more, hunker down and click past the cut for this week's installment of This Week in MMO.

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