Comcast's extra ads ruin NFC championship game conclusion in some areas

It wasn't just RIM that had designs on the limelight during the football action last night. Comcast commercials appeared over the NFC Championship game last night, thoughtfully playing over the climax of the match 'twixt the Giants and the 49ers. Frustrated fans who missed out on parts of the fourth quarter and overtime promptly began voicing dissent on the company's support forums. The Washington Post has a quote from spokesperson Amiee Metrick indicating the problems were due to a possible "equipment failure" at a local Fox affiliate, WTTG, resulting in the ill-timed ads reported in Washington D.C. We've heard that of customers receiving a $10 credit and an apology, but it seems unlikely to soothe the brow of those -- like the person who recorded video of the incident you can see after the break -- thinking of switching to FiOS.

Update: We've received a response from Comcast (included after the break), and updated the post to clarify the apparent breakdown was at local Fox affiliate WTTG.

[Thanks, John]

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- We know some DC-area viewers missed portions of last night's NFC Championship game due additional ads inserted locally, and we sympathize with their frustrations.

- Please know that WTTG, the local FOX affiliate in DC, is continuing to investigate the issue, but believes it was due to an equipment failure at the station.

- We know they are working to ensure it cannot happen again.