Deals on fitness, Modern Warfare 3, Dead Island on Amazon today

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Deals on fitness, Modern Warfare 3, Dead Island on Amazon today
Amazon has a load of deals on games lined up for today. First up, Dead Island is the deal of the day and will no doubt quickly shamble off the shelves at only $25. Today's Lightning Deals are all game-themed as well, with the current deal being LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean on the DS for $15. As of this writing, the deal has about an hour to go.

Find a list of the remaining deals' start times (and our best guesses as to what the deals actually are) after the break.
  • 11:00am ET / 8:00am PT - "A multiplayer Dance-Fitness game for Wii that gives players a great full body workout in a fun dance class environment!" (Zumba Fitness? No, probably ExerBeat.)
  • 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT - "Enjoy the biggest game release of all time." (Statistically, this one has to be Modern Warfare 3.)
  • 6:00pm ET / 3:00pm PT - "Enjoy this Wii fitness game with your entire family!" (Wii Fit Plus? Jumpstart Get Moving Family Fitness Wii? It does have "family" right there in the title.)
  • 9:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT - "Rock out with your own guitar." (Rocksmith.)
  • 11:00pm ET / 8:00pm PT - "'I Gotta Feeling' ...this game will make you move." (The Black Eyed Peas Experience.)
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