From hero to 0.0: EVE Online deploys Crucible 1.1 update

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.24.12

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From hero to 0.0: EVE Online deploys Crucible 1.1 update
EVE Online
It may not be a full-blown expansion, but don't let the decimal point throw you off: EVE Online Crucible's 1.1 patch is a beast of an update, and it's roaring onto the live server today.

Crucible 1.1 "enhances and updates" many of the key features of the game, starting with a customizable NeoCom (user interface) that can be tweaked to the player's desire. The update also contains adjustments to Tech 2 modules, balances to blaster ammo, and the ability for alliances to enter into factional warfare.

As a result of a significant change to how player-owned structures use legacy fuel -- as in, they won't any longer, but they will be switching over to fuel blocks -- CCP is urging customers to pay attention lest they log in and find themselves in the dark.

You can get the full skinny on the update by either reading the full patch notes, reading through the list of major features, or listening to the grizzled voice of CCP Soundwave going over the 1.1 highlights after the jump.

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