The Daily Quest: No BlizzCon makes us sad pandaren

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|01.27.12

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The Daily Quest: No BlizzCon makes us sad pandaren
The Daily Quest: No BlizzCon makes us sad pandaren
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One of the big stories this week is BlizzCon -- or rather, the lack of BlizzCon this year. While I understand the amount of work that goes into making an event as large as BlizzCon successful and I understand that the hours served putting the convention together would better be used on, you know, cool games, I'm still bummed. Partially because last year's convention was so much fun, but mostly because it means I don't get to see everyone again this year. Ah well, I have remodeling to do anyway!

But the rest of the blogosphere has its own reactions regarding the absence of the beloved convention, and we've got a couple of those for you today, as well as a look at a possibly volatile topic.

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