Humble Bundle expands to Android with World of Goo, Anomaly and more

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Humble Bundle expands to Android with World of Goo, Anomaly and more
The choose-your-own-price Humble Bundle has proven to be a runaway success on desktop platforms -- helping fund indie developers and causes like Child's Play and the EFF alike -- and it's now finally taken the plunge onto mobile devices. That move was kicked off today with the Humble Bundle for Android, which includes the games Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Osmos, and EDGE. Those three are available for any price you choose, but you'll also get World of Goo thrown in if you pay more than the average price (just over $5 as of this writing). As always, you can also choose how you'd like your contribution split between developers and charity (and the Humble organization itself), and you'll even get access the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the same games as an added bonus. Hit the source link below to get started, or head on past the break for a video if you need any more convincing. We should also note that the Android games are offered as direct downloads, not through the Android Market; installations instructions are provided following your purchase.

Update: Toki Tori has now been added to the bundle as well, and an alpha release of Humble Bundle's own Android app has also been made available for those looking for an easier way to download and manage their apps.

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