Kyocera DuraPlus: a Sprint phone so masculine it'll kick your face in for misdialing

Sprint's announced that it'll carry the Kyocera DuraPlus -- a rugged cellphone that recalls a lifetime of tedious internet memes. It's certified to "Military Standard 810G," for its resistance to dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, humidity and it's able to withstand water depths of one meter for, erm, up to half an hour. You'll also find an embedded LED flashlight capable of lighting the darkest of very dark rooms. Using Direct Connect, you can push-to-talk to other subscribers or use Group Connect to chat with 20 at a time. It'll ship with a 1650 mAh battery (9.5 hours of talk time) with an additional 2300 mAh battery for those long trips round the secure compound. You'll also be able to buy an external charging port to juice multiple units at once -- if you're running your own private militia and need to swap out devices on the go, for example. It'll be available in the first half of the year for an undisclosed price, but we'd wager it'll be something really manly, like the teeth of a wild animal you've vanquished or in exchange for capturing Denis Leary.

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Kyocera DuraPlus, Exclusively from Sprint, Offers Industry-Leading Push-to-Talk Capabilities in Extreme Conditions on Sprint Direct Connect

Kyocera DuraPlus boasts military-grade durability and an embedded LED flashlight in a rugged candy-bar form factor

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & SAN DIEGO (BUSINESS WIRE), January 31, 2012 - Sprint (NYSE: S) and Kyocera Communications Inc. today announced the upcoming availability of Kyocera DuraPlus, an ultra-rugged device with military-grade durability, a long-lasting battery and a powerful built-in flashlight.

As the newest Sprint® Direct Connect® device, Kyocera DuraPlus offers a candy-bar form factor with a flat, stable bottom, ideal for convenient accessibility in vehicle mounts and freestanding operation. Kyocera DuraPlus will be available in the first half of the year. Pricing and exact availability will be announced closer to launch.

"Kyocera DuraPlus is the ideal device for use in the construction, public safety and utility industries that demand devices that stand up to the toughest work conditions while delivering industry-leading push-to-talk capabilities," said David Owens, vice president – Product Development, Sprint. "This device is a dynamite addition to our Sprint Direct Connect portfolio, and we know our customers will appreciate the benefits of instant communication on a device that can withstand tough environments."

Joining Kyocera DuraMax and Kyocera DuraCore in Kyocera's Dura Series that specialize in handling the abuse of harsh working conditions, Kyocera DuraPlus is the ultimate communication tool for a variety of industries, including construction and transportation. It is certified to Military Standard 810G for resistance to dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, humidity, blowing rain and water immersion (up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water).

The handset also features an embedded LED flashlight with a dedicated power button to help navigate power outages, read blueprints in unlit areas or for emergency response personnel working in dark conditions. A robust, front-ported speakerphone also provides excellent sound quality in noisy environments and remote speaker microphone jack allowing customers to use their phones with a heavy-duty remote speaker/microphone (sold separately; available exclusively from Sprint in the coming months).

Kyocera DuraPlus comes with a powerful 1650 mAh battery offering up to 9.5 hours of talk time; an optional 2300 mAh extended battery (sold separately) will also be available from Sprint for users who need even more battery life. An external charging port enables the device to be used with a single or multi-bay charging station (sold separately). This is especially helpful for businesses that issue devices to shift workers, such as shuttle drivers or security personnel.

"Kyocera designed DuraPlus from the ground up with demanding industrial and enterprise customers in mind," said Eric Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of Sales and Marketing at Kyocera Communications. "Simple things like an LED flashlight, multi-bay charging, freestanding operation and the ability to use application-specific accessories go a long way toward better productivity on the jobsite and out in the field."

Sprint Direct Connect is a portfolio of push-to-talk services that allow individuals and groups to get more done – quickly and easily with just the push of a button. Among the initial Sprint Direct Connect services:

Sprint Direct Connect – Instant, one-to-one push-to-talk calling nationwide on the Sprint network, with any other Direct Connect subscriber. Direct Connect is the core push-to-talk feature and is designed for interoperability across Sprint and Nextel network platforms.
Guaranteed Talk Permit – The assurance that when you hear the push-to-talk "chirp," your call was successfully transmitted.
Call Alert with Text – Send an audio alert with an optional text message to let another Direct Connect subscriber know you are trying to reach them and why.
Group Connect® – Communicate with up to 20 other Sprint Direct Connect subscribers all at once – nationwide, at the push of one button.
TeamDCSM – Communicate with up to 200 other Sprint Direct Connect subscribers at the same time nationwide.
NextMail® – Send a recorded message to any email worldwide or mobile handset via text message by using the Direct Connect button.
Availability Notification – Request the availability status of another push-to-talk member and, if they are busy, request a notification when they are free.
One-Touch Direct Connect – Allows quick access to multiple direct connect options.

With more than 18 years of expertise, Sprint is the industry leader in push-to-talk, serving the world's largest push-to-talk community of customers. Last year, Sprint launched Sprint Direct Connect, the industry's next generation of push-to-talk service on its broadband CDMA network. The new service will expand customers' push-to-talk coverage, broadband data capabilities, and enable new push-to-talk features.