Steve Jobs inspires Best Buy's Super Bowl ad

Last year when Best Buy was planning its Super Bowl ad, the retailer's US marketing chief, Drew Panayiotou had a revelation. Instead of getting a music or movie star for the commercial, Panayiotou suggested the company focus on Silicon Valley innovators. According to Bloomberg, he was inspired by Steve Jobs and all the tributes that came out after the Apple head passed away.

The ad won't be about Steve Jobs, but it will include other tech innovators like Kevin Systrom of Instagram and Philippe Kahn, the man credited with taking the first camera phone picture. The Best Buy ad will appear in the first quarter of the February 5 game during the third commercial break. It will share the spotlight with an Anheuser Busch InBev beer commercial and an M&M candy ad. I love geeky commercials like this and will be watching for it on Sunday, how about you?