Victory: The Age of Racing changes publishers, burns rubber into beta

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Victory: The Age of Racing changes publishers, burns rubber into beta
Screenshot -- Victory: The Age of Racing
It's been quite some time since we last heard from Vae Victis regarding its F2P racing MMO, Victory: The Age of Racing. The game was originally slated to be a 1960s Formula One racing title, but over time it has evolved to take place in a distant, post-apocalyptic future when humanity has been reduced to small pockets of survivors. Maybe said survivors held a council meeting to decide what they should be doing with their time: repopulating the earth, planting sustainable crops, scavenging for food... the choices are endless. But apparently one thing was more important than all that: racing.

Victory was originally picked up to be published by GamersFirst, but after three years of deliberation, Vae Victis decided to self-publish the title "to best fulfill each particular need it will have and finally create the best possible product for our beloved players." The official post goes on to announce the initiation of Victory Beta 1, which is "a new version of the game that offers dozens of new features and fixes," such as the addition of a matchmaking system, achievements, new game modes, the Pro class for experienced players, and much more. For the full details, head on over to Vae Victis' blog, and then click on over to the game's official site to get behind the wheel.
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