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Google Chrome browser arrives on Android (video)

The latest step in bringing Google-based unification has arrived. The Chrome browser is here on Android. This beta version is currently only available for that elite crowd of ICS phones and tablets and like its desktop progenitor, the synced settings and bookmarks are all in tow. Expect to see a new, more natural mobile view of the tab system. It'll also remember what you were last looking at on your desktop Chrome browser, and sync it across to your mobile device -- it's like Kindle or iBook's bookmarking system, but for the web. Your autocorrect content from the desktop is similarly synced. Expect to see the reappearance of link previews, something you may recall from the results of any Google searches, offering a brief thumbnail of a link's destination. We're giving it a good play-around right now, but while we get our first impression up, check the quick intro video after the break.

Update: Here's our hands-on. With video, naturally. Another more in-depth video from Google can also be found after the break.