Addons that you wish were still around

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|02.08.12

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Addons that you wish were still around
It is a rare occurence in the World of Warcraft that a player-made addon attains such great heights in effectiveness and popularity that it is essentially quashed. One of the most recent examples of an addon overstepping its bounds was AVR, the augmented reality mod that allowed players to "draw" on the game world. While the main purpose of the addon was to show players physical areas and locations to move to or be safe in during Icecrown boss encounters, the real treasure was buried in AVR's sharing feature.

What AVR did is not doable anymore, since Blizzard removed the ability for addons to do the type of "drawing" on the world that it showcased. Other addons like Antiarc's Poison Swapper were just too powerful and forced Blizzard's hand in changing the way rogue poisons work.

Addons have a rich history in World of Warcraft, with many of our favorites gone the way of the dinosaurs. Which addons, for better or worse, do you wish were still in game? Any addons that you miss from the early days like Cosmos and player-made minigames? Sound off in the comments.

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