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Sony's 3D Library lets Aussies borrow products free of charge

Sony's 3D Library lets Aussies borrow products free of charge
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez|@abcdedgar|February 9, 2012 2:33 AM
Sony's push for three dimensional entertainment has inspired it to launch a series of product-loaning machines in the land of Oz. These "3D Library" kiosks, as the manufacturer is simply dubbing 'em, will let Aussies checkout a variety of Sony's 3D-capable products at no cost and for up to three days. Folks itching to create some 3D content for free can choose from the Handycam HDR-TD10, NEX C3 and Bloggie cameras. And, as if hardware wasn't enough, you'll be surprised to hear the company's also throwing in its own flicks and PlayStation games as part of its loaner campaign. The program is underway now, so all you Australians willing to take Sony up on its offer can hit up the PR below to find the nearest freeloading location.
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Sony opens 3D Library in Sony Centre stores across Australia

Experience and trial Sony 3D cameras and content, free of charge

From today, Australian 3D TV owners can loan 3D digital imaging products, 3D movies and 3D games from a Sony 3D Library in any Sony Centre store in Australia. The chance to experience different types of 3D content at home on any brand of 3D TV, the Sony 3D Library offers products for a three-day loan period free of charge.

The first program of its kind, the creation of the Sony 3D Library comes off the back of Sony research, which demonstrates an Australian appetite for 3D technology with more than one third keen to create personal 3D content. In addition, more than 70% of current 3D TV owners admit that creating their own 3D films and images is "extremely appealing".

"Sony is leading the industry in its support of 3D technology - from creating 3D cameras and TVs to the establishment of the 3D Technology Centre in Hollywood. We're still only discovering what's going to be possible with 3D now and in the future, including the ability for people to make their own home movies in 3D.

"The Sony 3D Library is there to help people make the most of their 3D TV by offering any 3D TV owner the opportunity to create 3D memories they can touch and the chance to trial a 3D product before buying it. Personal footage is the latest content that can be experienced in 3D, as well as 3D movies and 3D games," said Neil Stow, Retail Marketing Manager, Sony Centre.

The loan program will launch in 12 national Sony Centres from 8 February and will provide a range of Sony 3D products, set to expand over time, which currently includes:

3D Handycam HDR-TD10 camcorder
Alpha NEX C3 camera, with 3D Sweep Panorama function
Cyber-shot WX7S still camera, with 3D Sweep Panorama function
3D Bloggie camera
3D Sony Pictures films
3D PlayStation games

Alongside the Sony 3D Library, Sony has produced a 3D short film project, called 24:3D. Directed by Tom Gleeson and Glenn Fraser, the film explores life in Australia over a 24 hour period and crowd sourced talent to showcase real life events. Designed to inspire Australians about what they can capture for themselves in 3D, 24:3D has been filmed using a 3D Handycam camcorder from Sony. The film will be available to view in store at Sony Centre.
To find the nearest Sony 3D Library at Sony Centre, visit www.sonycentres.com.au