Must See HDTV (February 13th - 19th)

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This week sees the annual return of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show alongside other premieres sprinkled among the Whitney Houston tributes. Still, even with football off the schedule we're focused on sports, whether it's New York's newest star or a fictional player in an HBO series. Look below for the highlights this week, followed after the break by our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and videogames.

One word: LINSANITY. Jeremy Lin mania has swept the nation and we are completely caught up in it. The Harvard star turned Knicks starting point guard brings his show back to national TV Sunday afternoon against the defending NBA champions -- catch the fever.
(Sunday, ABC, 1PM)

Survivor, The Amazing Race
The two big reality show / travelogue contenders both return with new seasons this week. While we prefer The Amazing Race for its varied locales, we're sure whatever island Survivor sticks its collection of money-hungry individuals on this time will be quite beautiful as well.
(Wednesday, CBS, 8PM) (Sunday, CBS, 8PM)

Eastbound & Down
Kenny Powers returns for the final season of Eastbound & Down Sunday night, as he joins a minor league team and attempts to make it back to the major leagues. If you haven't been watching this comedy, you've been missing out. One of our managing editor's favorite shows, Kenny is not exactly a role model, but that's what makes him so hilarious as a disgraced former star who goes from big time baseball to gym teacher. Check out the trailer for the new season embedded after the break.
(Sunday, HBO, 10PM)

Blu-ray & Games
  • The Rum Diary
  • The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
  • UFC Undisputed 3 (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Twisted Metal (PS3)


  • 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog show (special presentation), USA, 8PM
  • American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior (season premiere), Discovery, 9PM
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: More Than A Dream, DirecTV, 9PM
  • Kentucky/Tennessee women's college basketball, ESPN & ESPN 3D, 7PM
  • Timberwolves/Magic, NBA TV, 7PM
  • Red Wings/Coyotes, NBC Sports, 8PM
  • How I Met Your Mother, CBS, 8PM
  • House, Fox, 8PM
  • The Voice, NBC, 8PM
  • Gossip Girl, CW, 8PM
  • The Bachelor, ABC, 8PM
  • Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family, 8PM
  • 2 Broke Girls, CBS, 8:30PM
  • Alcatraz, Fox, 9PM
  • Two and a Half Men, CBS, 9PM
  • Being Human, Syfy, 9PM
  • WWE Raw, USA, 9PM
  • Hart of Dixie, CW, 9PM
  • The Lying Game, ABC Family, 9PM
  • Mike & Molly, CBS, 9:30PM
  • Castle, ABC, 10PM
  • Smash, NBC, 10PM
  • Hawaii Five-0, CBS, 10PM
  • Lost Girl, Syfy, 10PM
  • Rock Center with Brian Williams, NBC, 10PM
  • Suns/Warriors, NBA TV, 10PM


  • Cougar Town (season premiere), ABC, 8:30PM
  • Top Gear (season premiere), History, 9PM
  • Top Shot (season premiere), History, 10PM
  • 136th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (special presentation), USA, 8PM
  • The Loving Story (special presentation), HBO, 9PM
  • Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic, 9 & 10PM
  • Heat/Pacers, NBA TV, 7PM
  • All Star Dealers, Discovery, 8 & 8:30PM
  • Glee, Fox, 8PM
  • Switched at Birth, ABC Family, 8PM
  • NCIS, CBS, 8PM
  • Last Man Standing, ABC, 8PM
  • New Girl, Fox, 9PM
  • The River, ABC, 9PM
  • Jane By Design, ABC Family, 9PM
  • Ringer, CW, 9PM
  • Dirty Jobs, Discovery, 9PM
  • Raising Hope, Fox, 9:30PM
  • Justified, FX, 10PM
  • Parenthood, NBC, 10PM
  • Unforgettable, CBS, 10PM
  • Southland, TNT, 10PM
  • White Collar, USA, 10PM
  • Ink Master, Spike, 10PM
  • Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Key & Peele, Comedy Central, 10:30PM


  • Survivor (season premiere), CBS, 8PM
  • The Slap (season premiere), DirecTV, 10PM
  • The Middle, ABC, 8PM
  • American Idol, Fox, 8PM
  • One Tree Hill, CW, 8PM
  • Whitney, NBC, 8PM
  • Suburgatory, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Are You There, Chelsea?, NBC, 8:30PM
  • Modern Family, ABC, 9PM
  • Criminal Minds, CBS, 9PM
  • Beast Tracker, Discovery, 9PM
  • Remodeled, CW, 9PM
  • Happy Endings, ABC, 9:30PM
  • CSI, CBS, 10PM
  • Law & Order: SVU, NBC, 10PM
  • Royal Pains, USA, 10PM
  • Revenge, ABC, 10PM
  • Face Off, Syfy, 10PM
  • Warriors/Trail Blazers, ESPN, 10PM


  • Bulls/Celtics, TNT, 8PM
  • Clippers/Trail Blazers, TNT, 10:30PM
  • Exporting Raymond (special presentation), HBO, 8PM
  • Heart of Stone (special presentation), Showtime, 8:30PM
  • American Idol, Fox, 8PM
  • 30 Rock, NBC, 8PM
  • The Big Bang Theory, CBS, 8PM
  • Wipeout, ABC, 8PM
  • Vampire Diaries, CW, 8PM
  • Parks & Recreation, NBC, 8:30PM
  • Rob, CBS, 8:30PM
  • The Office, NBC, 9PM
  • Person of Interest, CBS, 9PM
  • Grey's Anatomy, ABC, 9PM
  • Impact Wrestling, Spike TV, 9PM
  • NY Ink, TLC, 9PM
  • Up All Night, NBC, 9:30PM
  • Archer, FX, 10PM
  • The Mentalist, CBS, 10PM
  • Private Practice, ABC, 10PM
  • Unsupervised, FX, 10:30PM
  • I Just Want My Pants Back, MTV, 11PM
  • Inside Comedy, Showtime, 11PM
  • Delocated, Comedy Central, 11:59PM


  • NAACP Image Awards (special presentation), NBC, 9PM
  • Knicks/Hornets, ESPN, 8PM
  • Undercover Boss, CBS, 8PM
  • Shark Tank, ABC, 8PM
  • WWE SmackDown, Syfy, 8PM
  • Nikita, CW, 8PM
  • Fringe, Fox, 9PM
  • Supernatural, CW, 9PM
  • A Gifted Man, CBS, 9PM
  • The Life & Times of Tim (season finale), HBO, 9PM
  • Merlin, Syfy, 10PM
  • Blue Bloods, CBS, 10PM
  • Portlandia, IFC, 10PM
  • Spartacus: Vengeance, Starz, 10PM
  • The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, IFC, 10:30PM


  • NASCAR '12 Budweiser Shootout, Fox, 8PM
  • Ohio State/Michigan college basketball, ESPN & ESPN 3D, 9PM
  • The Ride (special presentation),
  • The Firm, NBC, 9PM
  • The Fades (season finale), BBCA, 9PM
  • Hawks/Trail Blazers, NBA TV, 10PM
  • Saturday Night Live: Maya Rudolph/Sleigh Bells, 11:30PM


  • Eastbound & Down (season premiere), HBO, 10PM
  • The Amazing Race (season premiere), CBS, 8PM
  • The Apprentice (season premiere), NBC, 9PM
  • The Shadow Line (series premiere), DirecTV, 9PM
  • I Ain't Scared Of You: A Tribute to Bernie Mac (special presentation), Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Mavericks/Knicks, ABC, 1PM
  • Magic/Heat, ABC, 3:30PM
  • 60 Minutes, CBS, 7PM
  • The Cleveland Show, Fox, 7:30PM
  • The Simpsons, Fox, 8PM
  • Nuggets/Thunder, ESPN, 8PM
  • Once Upon a Time, ABC, 8PM
  • Napoleon Dynamite, Fox, 8:30PM
  • Desperate Housewives, ABC, 9PM
  • Luck, HBO, 9PM
  • Shameless, Showtime, 9PM
  • Family Guy, Fox, 9PM
  • The Good Wife, CBS, 9PM
  • The Walking Dead, AMC, 9PM
  • American Dad, Fox, 9:30PM
  • House of Lies, Showtime, 10PM
  • Comic Book Men, AMC, 10PM
  • Pan Am (season finale), ABC, 10PM
  • CSI, CBS, 10PM
  • Full Metal Jousting, History, 10PM
  • Californication, Showtime, 10:30PM
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