WSJ: AT&T and Verizon will sell LTE iPads

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|02.14.12

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WSJ: AT&T and Verizon will sell LTE iPads
Citing sources "familiar with the matter," The Wall Street Journal is now stating rather unequivocally that both AT&T and Verizon Wireless are set to begin selling LTE versions of Apple's iPad. The latest revelation is hardly a leap of faith, as rumors to this effect have been swirling for a month now. Still, it coincides rather nicely with the recent chatter surrounding the launch of Apple's next iPad, which is currently thought to launch during the first week of March. It remains unknown whether Sprint will be stocking a 4G version of the iPad to call its own. Perhaps Mr. Hesse and crew will be forced to sit this one out.

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