Fujitsu roadmap hints at Windows 8 arrival in Q4, reveals Ultrabooks and slates too

This slide was reportedly displayed at a press conference yesterday, but perhaps it gives away a little bit more than Fujitsu -- or at least Microsoft -- would have intended. The box on the far right appears to show a tablet with a Metro-style UI and it clearly says "Win8 Launch" and "Q4 2012," even though there is still no official launch schedule for the operating system. Of course, the slide might specifically be referring to the introduction of a Fujitsu tablet running Windows 8, in which case the OS itself may be planned to launch earlier -- and indeed previous leaks and rumors have suggested the new Windows will be a summertime baby.

In other news, the slide also notably shows two Ultrabooks planned for May, perhaps taking the little and large approach we've seen from Samsung, as well as a hybrid slate and possible Transformer Prime rival, due in September. Will it be enough to reverse the manufacturer's fortunes?