Hero Academy Dwarves update coming Feb 22, for $1.99

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.16.12

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Hero Academy Dwarves update coming Feb 22, for $1.99

Hero Academy has fallen a bit out of my gaming attention lately (truth be told, Triple Town is stealing most of my iOS gaming time these days, probably more than is healthy), but it's still an excellent free-to-play title, and I still have about 15 games going on at any given moment. Currently, the turn-based strategy multiplayer title boasts two different teams, the Humans and the Dark Elves, but later this month the game is getting a third team to play with: The Dwarves. The new race will go in a steampunk direction, with rocket launchers and firearms, and will not only specialize in area-of-effect attacks, but gain nice bonuses from the on-board power-ups. The Dwarves will be available via an in-app purchase of $1.99.

A few players have complained about the game's balance, saying that the Dark Elves seemed slightly more powerful than the core Human fighters, and that Robot Entertainment was just trying to sell in-app purchases for a more powerful team. And while I'm sure we'll see that argument again, I'm also sure Robot Entertainment is trying as best they can to balance the teams out.

Robot also says that it's working on making sure the title doesn't eat up the iPhone's battery any more than any other games, so we might see some performance updates in this release as well. Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements should also be coming with this release, but there's no mention of a universal build, so iPad users will have to wait on that one. The new update should be out on February 22.

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