Alleged iPad 3 Retina Display examined under a microscope

iPad 3 screen

There are no shortage of iPad 3 rumors out there. Quad-core A6, LTE radio, Retina Display -- we've heard it all, but haven't actually seen much in the way of evidence. Now MacRumors claims to have gotten its paws on part of the mythical beast. The site has a 9.7-inch LCD, in the same aspect ratio as the iPad and iPad 2 that certainly appears to be rocking a full 2048 x 1536 resolution. Without a way to power the screen its a little tough to be certain, but the same area of the alleged iPad 3 panel does seem to house twice as many pixels as its predecessor when viewed under the same magnification. Could this in fact be the Retina Display destined to put iOS 5.1 in the hands of millions of tablet fans? We'll just have to wait for Tim Cook to reveal of its secrets to us, which should be happening sooner, rather than later.