Daily iPhone App: Streetquiz helps you learn your local roads

Streetquiz is part game, part navigation app that drills you about your local streets. The app uses your cellular connection and GPS position to pull down new questions about the streets on which you are walking or driving. It's meant to be a fun way to learn the roads in your neighborhood or town.

The app launches with a session that lasts for ten questions. Each question asks you to identify your street and gives you a few choices from which to select. The game tracks the number you answer correctly and calculates your score based on these ten questions.

One limitation with the game is that you only get one question per street. After I answered the question, I had to wait until I arrived at the next street to get another question. In some cases, the next street was a 10 minute walk down the road.

You can start and stop each session while you travel to the next street, but the game loses some of its momentum when you have to wait. Instead of waiting for me to get to a new street, I would love for Streetquiz to ask me about an upcoming intersection or a point-of-interest that I just passed.

Speaking of intersections, Streetquiz doesn't like intersections very much. You have to be walking on a well-defined street to get a new question. This is a missed opportunity, in my opinion. If the app can tell you are at an intersection, it should be able to ask you about one or both of the intersecting streets.

Whether you enjoy StreetQuiz or not depends heavily on where you live. If you live in a rural area, you could have as much as 30 minutes in between questions. You may forget to open the app when you come to the next road and then remember the next day that you were in the middle of the game. If you live in a dense city, however, you will get a steady stream of questions that'll help you discover your neighborhood.

Streetquiz is available for 99-cents from the iOS App Store.