NeverDead gets Volume 2 DLC with another character, more challenges and skins

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NeverDead gets Volume 2 DLC with another character, more challenges and skins
Konami's announced the second pack of downloadable content for NeverDead, continuing the trend of suitable titles with "Expansion Pack Volume 2." This pack also unlocks a new playable character (just like the first download), this time putting you behind the controller as NADA's Chief Sullivan. And while the first pack opened up new modes for the Asylum level, this one focuses on the Sewers, bringing Onslaught, Egg Hunt, and the Fragile Alliance challenges to that area of the game.

There are two additional character costumes for the main character, to match the two new ones from the last pack. Expansion Pack Volume 2 will be available next week on February 28.
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Take the New Action Title to the Next Level with Expansion Packs Volumes 1 and 2

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that the NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 1 is now available for download and includes all-new online experiences with a new playable character, pop-idol Nikki Summerfield, three additional challenges within the expanded Asylum level, and two new online costumes for the main character, Bryce Boltzmann.

In addition to Volume 1 comes NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 2, available for download on February 28, 2012. In Volume 2, fans can enhance their online playing experience with new playable character, NADA Chief Sullivan, three new challenges within the expanded Sewers level, and two additional online costumes for Bryce Boltzmann.

Highlights of the NeverDead Expansion Pack Volume 2 include:

• New Character: There is a new character available for the online mode, Chief Sullivan of NADA. Utilize his leadership and level-headed nature while trying to keep his body from being torn limb-from-limb

• Three New Gameplay Challenges - Revisit an expanded Sewers level with 3 all-new challenges:

o Egg Hunt: Scour the expanded Sewers level for collectables by delivering them to designated "Score Zones." Make sure to hold on tight to your collectibles as opponents can snatch any that you drop along the way. With enemy ambush points and environmental hazards at every turn, this challenge is tricky!

o Fragile Alliance: A competitive race through a number of checkpoints spread across the map. You can interrupt other players' progress by attacking each other. The increase of environmental hazards and enemy spawn points will keep you on your toes.

o Onslaught: In this challenge, unlock the entire Sewers level by defeating all the enemies. Demon seals that block off areas will dissipate as you defeat enemies from the previous area, providing more controlled player movement and encounters.

• Two Additional Character Costumes: Dress Bryce up in these new costumes before going back into the online fray.

In NeverDead, players become the immortal Bryce Boltzmann, a tragic hero who has endured a suffering existence due to the murder of his wife at the hands of Astaroth, the Demon King. Moving through life without aspirations other than where he will find his next drink, he fights alongside his partner Arcadia for the National Anti-Demon Agency (NADA), exterminating modern day demonic forces.

NeverDead is available now for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.
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