No subtlety to Champions Online's SMASH Alerts, just straight-up brawling

Venom is attacking the city!  This looks like a job for... um... darn, what was that guy's name?  The dude with the swords?  Cutman?  Cut-up?  Something with cut.

The most basic superhero stories are pretty simple -- a villain is attacking the city and the hero has to go stop him or her. That's the spirit behind the new SMASH Alerts coming to the Champions Online test realm, quick instances that pit players against signature villains in a straight-up brawl. The villain may or may not have any minions, but the real test is to see if the heroes can knock out the villain within the time limit.

Players will notice that the new Alert system also has gained a new minimap icon and improved queue functionality, allowing you to sign up for a quick and dirty brawl with your nemesis of choice from anywhere. There are also new team-up GRAB Alerts available for testing against paired villains, which should give every hero a chance to pop in and beat the living daylights out of a villain up to no good. And, really, isn't that all you can ask from a superhero game?