NHK's new Super Hi-Vision sensor captures 8K at 120fps, fast enough for Usain Bolt?

As amazing as Super Hi-Vision televisions are, most of the footage we've seen is of slow-moving cityscapes, nature and portraits. We may get more action sequences soon, thanks to a new CMOS sensor capable of picking up 8K (33MP) footage at 120 frames per second. The joint project between NHK, Shizuoka University and the Research Institute of Electronics is being shown off on the 27th at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference The chip is developed on a .18 micrometer process, with an enhanced analog to digital converter that enables the faster frame rates. That cut down data processing time and power consumption, all key to getting some sweet super high res televisions (16x more pixels than your current HDTV) in our living room sooner rather than later. Our only question? If they can build a new camera around it in time to catch the world's fastest human being do his thing at the 2012 London Olympics.