How would you change the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9?

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We like to think of HWYC as the counterpoint to IRL, focused on your experiences of using these gadgets on a daily basis. What annoying little issues do you wish the company had ironed out before shipping? Is there anything you like about the device you want to share with people? This week we want your opinions on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 8.9 -- the niche offering for people unable to decide between the 10.1, 7.7 or the 7-inch versions of the same. When we reviewed it, we found it to be virtually indistinguishable to its larger sibling: it was 10 percent smaller and 10 percent cheaper, and that was about it. But is that the whole story? Now you've had a few months to stew over your purchase, how have you found it? If Samsung was hawkishly watching the comments below, what would you say? How would you change it?
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