Best Buy pulling iPad 2 from display to make way for iPad 3?

Pretty much all signs point to the arrival of a new iPad in the very near future -- in fact, more specific reports have the tablet getting the official unveil next week. With that in mind, it certainly makes sense that a store like Best Buy would be taking the last gen product off its displays. The big box retailer has already reduced iPad 2 prices by a cool $50, apparently to make way for the big number 3, and now we've gotten a note from a blue shirted tipster, saddling the slate (known here as the MCQSULL/A W) with a "Deleted" status. What you're looking at is the entry for the white 32GB model, but we're told other models have been similarly flagged. Granted, we know that this isn't exactly a definitive statement on Best Buy's part by any means, but it's certainly been a harbinger of Apple product launches in the past.

[Thanks, anonymous]