Apple's iPad event announcement cuts into Schmidt's MWC Android groove

Apple's mastery of timing is impeccable. This morning, I was listening to Eric Schmidt ramble on about Android and Google during his Mobile World Congress keynote. As someone who follows technology, I found his talk mildly intriguing, until the iPad 3 invites began pouring out.

Right then, Schmidt went on mute and he became a mere talking head in the background. I hopped on IRC and Twitter and have been talking about the iPad 3 even since. At a time when the tech world was focusing on new Android devices and Windows Phone handsets, everyone will now focus on Apple and the iPad. Everything from missing home buttons to selling our iPad 2s will dominate our conversation over the next week.

So, did Apple time its announcement as a deliberate in-your-face or was it a happy coincidence? You tell us in the comments below.