Nokia Lumia 900 in white hands-on

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Nokia Lumia 900 in white hands-on
What can we say, white sets are somehow more pleasant to behold than the typical black slabs we see. Nokia's glossy Lumia 900 is no exception; in fact we're all in a heated debate about exactly which color we'd choose and which theme makes it look best. Device color aside, there's nothing new here, but we know we'd be breaking hearts if we didn't get all close and personal with the only color we've not had a chance to play with. As a refresher -- if you were sleeping when it launched -- the Lumia 900 is loaded with a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED 800 x 480 display, an 8-megapixel shooter with dual-LED flash, single-core 1.4Ghz Snapdragon processor with 512MB of RAM at hand for storage. Gallery is just past the break -- but for the record, dark theme with blue tiles looks so sharp.%Gallery-148844%

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