T-Mobile HTC One S hands-on at MWC 2012

You know that One phone announced by HTC on Sunday? Well, it's actually a series of three phones, and we already know that a couple of them (at least) are going to be landing on the shelves of your friendly American corner retail store. We got a look at one of them today -- specifically, the One S destined for T-Mobile. We conjecture that this will be offered as Magenta's premium device, and it's not hard to see why. Its owners will enjoy nearly all of the same privileges as every other user around the world: a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 (Krait) CPU, 1GB of RAM, a durable and scratch-resistant ceramic unibody build and 8MP rear camera with f/2.0 and LED flash.

In nearly every respect, the model we saw was the same as the global version we got acquainted with just two days ago. The only exceptions were found in T-Mo's choice of color (more of a gun metal grey flanked by light black on the top and bottom) and the obligatory carrier-branded bloatware. The apps aren't going anywhere, of course, but T-Mobile was quick to point out that the hardware and software aren't final. We believe it -- evidenced by the lack of any carrier branding on the phone -- but we can't be sure exactly how different it'll look by the time it comes hot off the press. Either way, we still captured a few images to keep your level of intrigue up to the max.

Sean Cooper contributed to this hands-on.

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