Distro Issue 30 brings you 'The Best of Mobile World Congress 2012'

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Distro Issue 30 brings you 'The Best of Mobile World Congress 2012'
While a handful of Engadget editors braved the show floor in Barcelona, we here at Distro HQ were busy trying to keep pace with the insane amount of news coming out of Mobile World Congress 2012. Fittingly, issue 30 of our fine weekly is packed to the rafters with the best and latest in mobile technology. Also in this issue, Tim Stevens gives us his detailed impressions of Microsoft's Windows 8 consumer preview; we pick apart the long-awaited refresh of BlackBerry PlayBook OS; and Dante Cesa dives into Razer's first gaming laptop, the Blade. Plus, we grill Mobile Burn founder Michael Oryl for the Distro Q&A; Donald Melanson offers his latest reading recommendations; we get real for IRL; and Box Brown reveals a handful of Siri Easter eggs for Last Word.

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