Lime Odyssey shutting down in Korea [Updated]

Lime Odyssey - Shutting down in Korea

We've brought you a lot of intriguing Lime Odyssey news over the past year, but today we've received word about the impending closure of the game in its native Korea. MMO Culture has the details, and while the blurb makes no mention of what will happen to the North American version of the game that is currently in beta, the Korean client is going dark as of March 30th.

MMO Culture says that Sirius Entertainment, the game's original developer, "deemed that various ongoing critical bugs and server instability could not be solved." The site also reports that all players who purchased cash shop items will receive refunds.

We've reached out to Aeria Games (Lime Odyssey's North American publisher) for a comment on the status of the North American version.

[Update: The official word from Aeria Games is this: "Aeria Games confirms that the Korean beta version of Lime Odyssey: The Chronicles of Orta is shutting down. The company also confirms that this will not affect the development or rollout of Aeria's English language version. Lime Odyssey is currently in an expanded Alpha play test and will be published in North America by Aeria Games in 2012. Sirius, the developer behind Lime Odyssey, continues to develop and support the North America version."]