PS Vita homebrew loader arrives today, but only if you have this hard-to-get game (video)

...And here's the catch: the game you need is Motorstorm Arctic Edge (or 'Raging Ice' in Japan), and it appears to have already been pulled from the PS Store. Besides, it was never compatible with US-registered Vitas in the first place. Nevertheless, if you happen to have bought this old PSP title for your Vita already, then this may just work. Hacker Wololo claims that later today he'll release Vita Half Byte Loader files, which will give you a "limited PSP homebrew experience" on your lovely new handheld -- and indeed we've already seen it playing Sega Genesis titles. The hack supposedly uses an exploit in this particular Motorstorm title -- but since Sony is already on VHBL's tracks, who knows if it'll really work or how long it'll last? Video evidence after the break.

[Thanks, Patrick]