Engadget examines iPad prototype parts

I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning with a great deal of excitement -- this is the week we'll find out about the next-generation iPad. Our sister site Engadget is feeding the excitement with a hands-on look at some iPad prototype parts that they acquired through the good graces of the folks at M.I.C. Gadget.

A quick look at the bits and pieces confirms what we've heard before. The case of the new device is slightly thicker with a "slightly more emphasized" curvature from the flat bottom to the sides to possibly make room for a larger battery and/or a 4G LTE radio, and there's a larger diameter hole for the camera lens (see below -- does this suggest a more powerful rear camera?).

Other than that, there's not too much of a difference. The new case appears to work with the Apple Smart Cover and the many other magnetically-augmented covers and cases, and there is a home button. Sorry to tell those of you who are dreaming of a haptic feedback electronic home button, but it appears that your third-gen iPad is going to have a belly button just like its predecessors.